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Ain't nothin' better than supporting our local food system!

Hey y'all, when you choose our farm fresh products from good ol' East Texas, you're not just supporting a small family farm, you're fueling the growth of a strong local food system. By investing in our local food system, we're helping guarantee access to fresh, nutritious food for generations to come. Let's do this Texas-style!

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We're all about that regenerative farming life!

We keep things fresh on our farm by rotating our hens through different pastures. It makes our chickens feel good and keeps them healthy. Plus, their natural fertilizer provides essential nitrogen for our plants - it's a win-win! But wait, there's more - we create top-quality compost from our trees and leaves for mulch in our pasture and garden. How cool is that, right?

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Our Hens are Regeneratively Raised!

Y'all, let's talk about transparency in food and how important it is.  Sure, we may not have that fancy certified "o-word", but honestly, that's just a bunch of hoopla anyways. We hold ourselves to even higher standards by being stewards of our land.  Best of all, our hens, and their eggs are certified regenerative.  So, when we say we're better than all those confusing labels, we aren't kidding!


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😍😃 Testimonials 😃😍

Christy Edwards is the best CHICK 🐣 I know, she loves her birds!!
P. Neaves
Eggcited Eggs are so delicious and have bright orange/yellow yolks! I know that are healthy for me and healthy for the planet thanks to the farms excellent farming practices!
Our turkeys, ducks, and chickens love NCO feed!
We absolutely love the your eggs. Not only are they delicious, but being free of harsh contaminants makes them even better.
Wonderful layer feed!
Bawk bawk, this is Clucky! Livin' at Eggcited Farm is like a chicken paradise - tasty feed, chicken friends, and lots of grass to peck and scratch on. I couldn't ask for a better life, thanks to the folks who take good care of us and the land around us!
Clucky the Eggcited Chicken

Our Eggciting Promise To You

✓ Our food isn't just produced, it's made with love and care!

✓ We only partner up with Farms that share the same quality and values so you know your food and your products are fresh as a daisy!

✓ Ain't nothin' shady goin' on around here - our practices and ingredients are as transparent as can be!

✓ We raise our critters humanely and ethically, 'cuz that's just the right thing to do!

✓ And last but not least, our exceptional customer service is the cherry on top!