The Eggcited Promise

We don't just talk the talk, no sirree. We walk the walk too! That's right, we only team up with farms that respect the Land, Animals, and all y'all lovely folks out there!

Our Eggciting Promise To You!

✓ Our food isn't just produced, it's made with love and care!

✓ We only partner with Farms that share the same Quality & Values!

✓ Ain't nothin' shady goin' on around here - our practices and ingredients are as transparent as can be!

✓ We raise our animals humanely and ethically, 'cuz that's just the right thing to do!

✓ And last but not least, our exceptional customer service is the cherry on top!

Are y'all ready to hop on the healthy living bandwagon the regenerative way?

Heck, yeah!

Here's a fun fact for ya'!

Did you know? Regenerative agriculture improves soil, delivers high productivity and high-quality food, and helps fight climate change and restore lost biodiversity.

That's why we choose regenerative farming practices to take care of our land at Eggcited Farms.

We're all about working with nature and not against it, so we can build a strong, sustainable environment that'll last for generations.

Now let me tell you about our pasture-raised chickens!

These girls are treated like queens! No hormones or antibiotics. Free to Roam the Native Pastures and eat all the insects and grass they can eat. That means more nutritious and flavorful eggs for you and your family.

Not only do we have pasture-raised chickens on our regenerative farm, but we also have a wide variety of heirloom plants and soon we will have bees to produce our own local honey...ain't that sweet!

When you choose Eggcited Farms, you're choosing quality, sustainability, and animal welfare.

And because we're a small business, you're supporting your local community too.

So come join us in spreading the joy of regenerative farming and healthy living!